We provide engineering expertise including reactor and systems engineering for test reactors and de-risking of reactor projects. We deliver metrology services, including 3D scanning and modeling, as well as solutions for instrumentation and control, industrial computing and cybersecurity, and both open and closed fuel cycles for advanced reactors.

Cybersecurity and Industrial Computing Solutions

Through FoxGuard Solutions, Framatome can design, manufacture, and integrate innovative cybersecurity, industrial computing, and regulatory compliance solutions used for critical infrastructures. Our solutions are customized to best fit your technical needs and to ensure financial efficiency. Our Industrial Computing team designs, prototypes, and integrates computers to fit your application, budget and specific project requirements.

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Procurement and Reverse Engineering Solutions

Framatome offers the best value, highest reliability and industry-leading quality in reverse engineering services for instrumentation and controls (I&C), and mechanical and electrical equipment spares. Our rigorous approach to establishing design authority aligns with regulatory guidelines, and our processes were noted as a strength in a recent NUPIC audit (Nuclear Procurement Issues Corporation).

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Reactor and Systems Engineering for Test Reactors

Test reactors provide the capability to accelerate the testing of advanced nuclear fuels, materials, instrumentation, and sensors. They also support modernization of nuclear energy research and development infrastructure and enable the testing of crucial advanced technology and materials at high fluxes or very high temperatures. Thanks to years of experience in developing GEN II, GEN III, and GEN IV reactors, Framatome has built a pool of expertise dedicated to reactors, components, and systems engineering for all types of advanced reactor designs. This unique expertise enables us to provide solutions to either upgrade existing test reactors or to develop new test reactors. These solutions can include privileged access to our technical centers to support benchmarking and analysis.

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Systems Engineering-Based Reactor Design Process

Conceiving a nuclear plant, large or small, involves complex and interlinked processes, and projects are generally assessed as being high-risk. Framatome offers systems-engineering based processes to de-risk projects, thereby de-risking planning and costs.

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Solutions for Open and Closed Fuel Cycles for Advanced Reactors

Advanced reactor developers will face constraints on uranium supply chain, fuel cycle and waste, long-term fuel procurement, and spent-fuel management. Framatome has been working for decades in fuel design, qualification, and manufacturing and understands issues related to the uranium supply chain, the closed cycle for spent-fuel management, recycling of fissionable materials, and optimized solutions for final disposition. Framatome has solutions for both open and closed fuel cycles in advanced reactors.

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Full-Scope Metrology Services

Framatome has full-scope metrology capabilities in-house to ensure precise fit up of new components, from planning through installation. Support is available for design engineering, fabrication, installation, dimensional receipt inspection, large-volume surface modeling, and interference detection as well as animation creation. Innovative technologies include digital photogrammetry, laser tracking, industrial total stations, laser scanning, and complete 3D CADD analysis/visualization. These capabilities have also been used to compare as-found dimensions to design dimensions in various federal nuclear facilities where high radiation fields precluded human entry.

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Instrumentation & Control

I&C System Re-Engineering and Reverse Engineering

We provide re-engineering of safety and non-safety analog and digital systems to help address obsolescence while maintaining safety and reliability. Our solutions are based on Framatome’s unique global systems experience and plant knowledge to determine the optimum solution for each reactor. Designed to replace obsolete components, re-engineered systems require specialized expertise to integrate digital and analog components. In some cases, re-engineering the analog system is necessary to meet the facility’s unique requirements.

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I&C Engineering Studies

We deliver reliable and predictable I&C engineering solutions. We evaluate plant issues and develop the right solution, which is not always a plant modification. Our design phase builds from conceptual evaluation and solid scope definition, incorporating industry operating experience, station experience, constructability, and lessons learned. Comprehensive design solutions and licensing support for resolution of obsolescence issues and plant life extension are provided.

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