Framatome Awarded $1M Contract from Department of Energy (DOE) for Advancing Digital Twin-Based Diagnostics

Framatome announced today a $1 million contract award for phase two of the Digital Twin-based Diagnostics for Nuclear Auxiliary Systems project in North America.

Phase two of this project focuses on the commercialization of automated diagnostic technology for nuclear plant auxiliary systems, specifically the plant service water system and cooling water systems of light water reactors (LWRs). This technology saves operation and maintenance costs for the current LWR fleet and is capable of obtaining greater per-MWe savings in advanced reactors.

“The successful commercialization of this technology will be instrumental in developing additional cost-effective solutions available for nuclear plant operations today and prepares us for the next generation of advanced reactor designs,” said Katherine Williams, CEO of Framatome North America. “Together with our utility partner and Metroscope, we bring this technology one step closer for the advancement of reliable, low carbon nuclear energy in North America.”

Framatome and Metroscope have partnered to achieve commercialization. While Framatome will be responsible for the overall project management and the digital twin model development for the auxiliary system, Metroscope will support the project with co-leadership, product advancement and plant integration.

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