Framatome U.S. Government Solutions Launched to Support Federal Energy Initiatives and Projects

Framatome today launched Framatome U.S. Government Solutions, a limited liability company that brings together Framatome’s decades of commercial nuclear expertise to serve federal agencies’ energy initiatives and projects.

Framatome U.S. Government Solutions supports activities across the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, national laboratories, and nuclear energy university programs. This includes the development of advanced reactor technologies and a broad portfolio of nuclear services that involves fuel, instrumentation and controls, inspections, maintenance, and engineering.

“Our Framatome team has been delivering solutions to the commercial nuclear industry for more than 60 years and Framatome U.S. Government Solutions consolidates our diverse areas of expertise to focus on serving the U.S. government,” said Jeff Whitt, president of Framatome U.S. Government Solutions. “We are committed to furthering work with our government partners to deploy nuclear energy services and technologies, and secure our country’s clean energy future.”

Framatome U.S. Government Solutions is governed by a Board of Directors whose members have decades of experience and diverse expertise across the public and private sectors. This includes work with commercial nuclear programs, advanced reactor technologies, the Department of Energy, and public-private partnerships.

“Framatome U.S. Government Solutions brings together a unique team with considerable expertise in the nuclear industry and the federal government,” said Shane Johnson, member, Framatome U.S. Government Solutions Board of Directors. “Our goal is to meet the unique needs of federal energy initiatives and projects with the experience gained from decades supporting the commercial nuclear sector.”

Framatome U.S. Government Solutions is a U.S. company owned by Framatome Inc. and based primarily in Lynchburg, Virginia. Members of its Board of Directors are Gary Mignogna (chair), CEO of Framatome’s North America operations; Shane Johnson; Melissa Mann; Paul Perrone; and Katherine Williams, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Framatome’s North America operations.