Framatome to Collaborate with TerraPower on the Fuel Handling Equipment for Its Natrium Reactor

Framatome US Government Solutions LLC. announced today the design phase award for the Ex-vessel Fuel Handling Equipment Project for use in the operations of TerraPower’s Natriumâ„¢ reactor.

The customized equipment consists of two separate rail-mounted machines used to perform refueling and related core component transfer activities. Automated and remote functionality enhances the safety and performance of the refueling operations during scheduled outages and maintenance.

“This equipment project is an important milestone for advancing our cutting-edge Natrium reactor design, critical in powering our nation’s clean energy future,” Tara Neider, senior vice president and project director for the Natrium Reactor Demonstration Project. “The breadth of Framatome’s expertise and depth of its operating experience provides certainty and strengthens our diverse supply chain needed to bring this unique technology to market.”

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