Framatome, US Department of Energy Secure $150 Million Cooperative Agreement to Advance Accident Tolerant Fuel

Framatome and the U.S. Department of Energy secure a new 4-year cooperative agreement valued at more than $150 million to continue the development of its PROtect enhanced accident tolerant fuel (EATF) technology. These technologies increase the safety performance of commercial nuclear reactors while providing operators more flexibility during normal operating conditions.

This agreement supports work to extend fuel cycle design and licensing methodologies, as well as fabrication capabilities needed to increase burnup and enrichment limits for fuel products. These efforts support DOE’s goals to drive rapid adoption of accident tolerant fuel technology, offering operators enhanced efficiency and reliability for safe, low carbon electricity generation. Funding support from DOE, along with access to the national laboratories technical complex, has significantly expedited the advancement of PROtect EATF technologies.

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